Saturday, October 4, 2014

WWE SD 10-3-14

The FWE show was largely a dud, but it was interesting to watch live just for all the technical issues. Now it's SD time. A long-ass Raw recap started, and then Cena cut a promo. Dean says Cena got in his way, and the Authority cut a promo recalling history about Dean saying Cena couldn't wrestle his way out of a box of cereal, while Cena insulted Dean in the past too. I love that! We're getting a HOLLA HOLLA TAG TEAM MATCH, PLAYAS! Dolph and Sheamus are teaming up against Miz and Mizdow. Paint by numbers match is won by Dolph off a Zig Zag. Harper video. Show-Rusev recap. Paige and Alicia came out to face Naomi, with Paige going solo against her. Naomi's blue and black checker gear is just awful. GREAT dive from Naomi to Alicia on the floor. Naomi gets an apron Cro Cop kick, but takes one to the gut and then eats the PTO for a loss. Fun match. Paige's ass was a highlight. AJ ran down, beat up Alicia AND PAIGE HIT BEHIND JBL AND WORE HIS HAT. Oh my God is Paige ever amazing.

Show gave a long-winded apology for the flag angle on Raw. Rusev beat him with the flag, so things aren't really any further along after SD - shocking, I know. SLATER-GATOR AGAINST THE USOS! I demand a mini-Uso at some point. The bunny came out and HOPPED OVER THE GATOR on the floor, then he did again and he bonked into the post. It's a real shame we didn't get a wacky BONK sound effect. TRIPLE SPLASH AND THE USOS WIN! So none of that stuff getting in the ring was a DQ or anything. Rose came out to dance. JBL called them the F-Troop, and after a Laverne and Shirley reference from Cole, I'm begging these guys to watch something beyond TV Land. Cole referenced Brian Christopher when JBL said Rikishi would never dance with something as goofy as a bunny, which was amusing. Dean cut a promo with Renee in a very pink backstage area and said HE'D GO THROUGH NOBLE, MERCURY, THE GATOR, AND EVEN THE BUNNY TO GET TO SETH ROLLINS! Cesaro beat Truth in a fun little squash. Truth as enhancement talent is always a bit sad since he's good as a semi-main event kinda guy, but this keeps him employed.

WRESTLEMANIA IV HIGHLIGHT BOB EUCKER GOT A MOMENT TO SHINE! Goldust and Stardust (who can still fuck off) cut a promo. Kane and Orton came out for their tag with Dean and Cena. Loved Dean being a face in peril for a lot of this and fighting his way out of the corner with so much fire. Cena darting around on the apron all goofily actually worked for this match. It set him up to not be able to make the tag due to Seth coming down, but he looked conflicted. Kane got a bit boot in after an RKO counter and somehow, that was enough for a DQ. Ugh. Cena came back in post-beating, and they actually used SD to build up something that should be substantial in the storyline. Hopefully they don't just redo it on Raw.

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