Sunday, October 12, 2014

TNA Bound For Glory 2014

THE JAMES EARL JONES-ISH GUY IS BACK! The in-studio commentary from Tenay sounds really tinny. Manik's facing Minoru Tanaka for the opener. Tenay puts over Manik being the youngest foreign wrestler in New Japan, and says his idol then was Tanaka - thus giving this match a bit of backstory. Nice action here, including a moonsault off the second rope to the floor from Tanaka. Backslide war leads to a brainbuster from Manik and 2! Wheelbarrow codebreaker gets 2. Cro Cop kick sets up the Minoru Special, which gets the win! Rick Steiner/Animal vs. Team 3D from SEVEN YEARS AGO at Slammiversary is shown in clipped form since 3D went into the HOF. EC3 talked about Spud and how he's been replaced as his best friend. HE HAS SCOURED THE COSMOS and on Wednesday, he debuts.

A long EC3 video airs. Ryota Hama is gigantic, and looks unhealthily thick in the belly. EC3 has promised to slam him, so that'll be the story here. Assalanche after an avalanche gets 2. Stinkface hits, second one results in a ball shot, then the headlock driver and a win. Team 3D-Beer Money cage clips. MVP promo backstage in a wacky camo suit. There's some weird black lighting throughout this that is distracting. It's MVP-Sakamoto, and MVP isn't impressed by Sakamoto. Well, neither was WWE. MVP has a Punisher singlet on, while Sakamoto has a wacky mask. MVP and Sakamoto exchange some ground holds for a bit before it becomes a striking war, and MVP hits a dropkick to the knee to set up the drive by for the win. Joe cut a promo about having the most coveted prize in the company.

Low-Ki's out first, then Kaz, who has a wacky theme but a great look still. Joe, the champ, is last. Boy is it hard to believe Low-Ki was in New Japan just two years ago and now he's in W-1. They do a weird edit during a Low-Ki punch in the corner sport showing the crowd, and then an awkward powerbomb. Kaz lacks on a crossface while Joe has the STF on before locking the crossface on both guys. Joe and Kaz exchange shots. Leaping 3.0 from Kaz gets 2. Low-Ki dropkicks them during a fireman's carry spot. Warrior's Way to Kaz gets 2. Joe hits a dive to the pile! ST Joe to Hayashi. Low-Ki comes in and palm thrusts Joe into the corner. Ki Crusher countered into the choke! Joe cut a mid-ring promo and Dreamer cut a promo talking about it being an honor to face 3D in the ring in Japan.

El Hijo Del Pantera and Andy Woo face Jiru Kurishio and Komada have a match. Tenay is disappointed there's no little panda with one of the teams. Kurishio has a dime-store Mr. Wonderful conceited gimmick. Nice flippy spinny stuff from Woo to Kurishio. Tumbling routine mid-ring with Pantera and Kodama. Kurishio gets in and does a standing corkscrew splash for 2. 619 gets 2 and Taz says he doesn't know the area code in Tokyo - nice way to get around that. Kodama avoids a 450 and nails a superkick for 2. Kurishio hits a standing swanton and gets a holy shit chant, while Kodama gets a corkscrew senton for the win. Team 3D induction video. Devon's in a shirt that needs to be ironed, while Bully's got an Affliction knockoff on.

Dreamer and Abyss come out while 3D comes out through the crowd. They briefly do some wrestling before crowd brawling and then using some weapons. A tiny table is mid-ring and an ECW chant breaks out. Yambag Yahtzee with the chair to Abyss. The table can barely hold Abyss as he just lies on it partially. Dreamer gets powerbombed through the table. Abyss eats a double flapjack onto the tacks. That at least gets a holy shit chant. 3D to Dreamer, who convulses and loses. Team 3D gets put over as icons, WINS THEIR FINAL MATCH IN THE COMPANY, and used this show live as a way to try and get a New Japan gig. Bully promo had that stuff taken out.

Velvet is a face backstage. Havok killing spree is recapped. Velvet's out slapping hands and being a face - she's a bit more natural at that. Velvet hit some terrible offense that Havok sold, sadly. Havok got a bearhug and a slam. Flying legdrop misses off the second rope to give Velvet some hope. Huge LET'S GO VELVET chant has been going throughout this. Velvet gets her down with a spinning headscissors and gets 2 off a crossbody. Velvet taps off a second bearhug...and yeah that was it. No bearhug slam, just the bearhug. This wasn't good, but Velvet got over huge. Storm cut a promo and looked really old.

@JamesStormBrand came out first, followed by Sanada. Tajiri's out and Muta gets a polite minor "MU-TA" chant. Muta and Sanada wrestle a bit here, which is surprising. Muta is actually moving around remotely okay here. Tajiri and Storm do some stuff for a bit. Sanada and Tajiri go under the ring for a bit. Blue mist from Sanada turns Tajiri blue - like Ug from Salute Your Shorts. NERVE HOLD. Jesus. Moonsault from Sanada gets 2 after Storm hits a flying elbow. No reaction to that. Storm gets backdropped on the ramp. Tajiri and Sanada have a mist-off, Muta and Tajiri mist Sanada, a buzzsaw kick hits, but Tajiri's finisher has to be largely no-sold so the Shining Wizard can finish it. This was largely bad, but the show was better than expected. And then Team 3D saved Muta from being killed by The Revolution. This show was WAY too Team 3D-heavy since they appear to be gone, and just using this show as a way to get a New Japan/GFW gig.

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