Thursday, October 9, 2014

WWE NXT 10-9-14

Bryan-Miz for the U.S. Title at NOC was a filler bit before the show - fun match! It's amazing how much Bryan's look and act have changed in four years, while Miz's is so similar. Flight of the Cruiserweights is the next MNW special, and they somehow show the Radicalz debut without any Benoit. Tyler Breeze starts the show - no recap of last week's fairly big show with two title matches. Albert calls himself a beautiful one. Tyler's dark blue gear is fantastic. He's facing Mojo. Poor Mojo. I'm astonished Tyler didn't just hit the kick while Mojo was running around before the match. Renee says Mojo's got a chip on his shoulder literally due to the ringpost shot - nice. Breeze gets a Fujiwara armbar and Mojo doesn't give up, but the ref calls it. Holy hell. Mojo is doomed. I do like that Tyler won with a new move and it's based on the arm being taken out two weeks ago. Enzo and Cass face the Vaudevillains later. Sami faces Titus tonight after last week's bit. Enzo met with Regal about wanting Carmella to get a shot. Regal sees this as a way for Enzo to just get a date. Carmella kicks some ass in the performance center, and he gives her a shot next week. Enzo tells him not to post it, and of course, this had a Facebook graphic beforehand. Network ad.

Hideo Itami faces Viktor tonight, and we get a recap of their rivalry. It's fairly lengthy too, showing long clips of each event and showing the Lucha Dragons throughout it makes NXT as a whole seem connected. Okay, since it's a one on one match, I can tell that Viktor's the lean in-shape one who actually has some skill to him. Itami's theme gets better and better the more I hear it. Albert puts over Itami as being THE BIGGEST STAR IN JAPAN who was on all the billboards. That's both an example of making use of Albert's credibility and hurting it - but hey, he's under a WWE contract, might as well put him over instead of under. There will be plenty of time for that when he's in the IC Title hunt. They meet in the middle for some punches and forearms - perfectly fitting this being a physical feud. Nice European uppercut and snap suplex from Viktor. Albert talks about Itami's Black Sun moniker in Japan, and him now being the Shining Sun. HIS STYLE IS KICK flurry leads to a missile dropkick and a basement dropkick in the corner. Konnor attacks Funaki on the ramp, but Itami wins with a running calf kick. Konnor lays in some ground forearms. I've definitely got to revamp their moveset in FPR. They tie him up and Funaki tries to help. Whichever generic guy this is says Funaki's a former hardcore champion. Yup, and a former cruiserweight champion. Itami's mouth is busted up. Cell PPV ad debuted with Ambrose saying THE DEVIL'S GOT NOTHING ON ME! DURING THE BREAK, which was 30 seconds, tons of stuff that took more than 30 seconds aired with Funaki being put on a stretcher and taken away.

Vaudevillains get a big pop the second their tron hits. They plugged the new Vaudevillains shirts and Albert says he hopes they're made in 5X. This new Vaudevillains theme isn't good for a face theme, but it's got a creepy vibe I like. Enzo's theme is fantastic. He's a SKYWALKER AND A MIC'S HIS LIGHTSABER! He calls them Laurel and Hardy and tells them to hop in their Delorean and go Back to the Future. Big Cass mentions Hey Arnold and the Stoop Kid! Renee says Enzo won a lottery to get his Jordans. Cass gets 2 off a big boot. Barrel roll into the swanton wins for the Vaudevillains. Sami buries Titus for being in a feud with a bunny. Sasha faces Becky Lynch next.

Becky the hard-rocking badass is so much better than the living Lucky Charm. Sasha's shades and theme are fantastic. Sasha's gear is even better. Becky gets 2 off a la majistral. Becky bridges up and dropkicks her in the ribs. Renee says Becky was a stunt woman and a real badass. Becky is so smooth with everything she does - she's easily one of the best women in the company. Becky's hopping kick off the bottom rope looks wonky. Lung blower sets up the Bank Statement crossface and that's it. This was really good - short, but well-executed.

Titus is out to face Sami. Crowd chanted Darren's better at Titus. Titus is great at playing the bully, and he'd be great in the IC-level mix if he was in there with the right guy since he could learn and still be dominant. MASSIVE chop in the corner from Titus. Sami comes back with one of his own. They go to a break for a WM travel package plug. Big bearhug from Titus. More stuff. Reverse bearhug. Sami gets a bit of an edge pulling the rope down. TOPE CON HILO TO THE FLOOR! Crossbody off the top gets 2! Helluva kick, but Titus's foot's under the rope. Titus gets a shortarm clothesline and 2. Sami grabs the arm again and runs up, but gets crotched. Clash of the Titus hits off the ropes and he wins. Titus prepares to decapitate Sami with a flying something on the apron, but Adrian saves him. Nice subtle bit here with Neville putting the belt in front of Sami's face.

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