Friday, October 24, 2014

WWE SmackDown 10-24-14

Dean starts off and says unlike what was said on Raw, he hurts. Unlike Mick, he's not a nice guy underneath the violent facade and he doesn't have a family to go home to and be accountable for. THIS SUNDAY, SETH ROLLINS LEARNS THAT NO MATTER HOW FAT YOUR WALLET GETS, YOU CAN'T TAKE IT TO HELL! Seth tells him that vengeance isn't a lottery - it's cheap and not worth a damn. He's the future and he's priceless. Mos Mizes beat the Matadores, with one tapping mid-ring and the other being in the figure four on the floor. Great finish - should've been on Raw. AJ beat Alicia with a distraction schoolgirl. Wyatts video.

Show-Cole sitdown features tons of stilted clips. Show talks about the troop and treats it like it was real, which is both good, and maybe not the smartest thing. I liked them using Tribute to the Troops stuff here. They also showed some Hogan promo stuff from Raw's post-show too. This was good, but it went on and on. Dolph's out to face Cesaro for the title. Gorgeous monkey flip from Cesaro was flipped out of. They exchange counts and Dolph eats a post for a break. Dolph uses a sleeper to get back into things and gets 1 off the elbows. Cesaro counters a guillotine choke with a deadlift suplex for 2. Wacky spinning facebuster/gutbuster thing gets 2 for Cesaro. Swing is countered and then the uppercut that got the win is countered into a Zig Zag for a win - good match here.

Heel Total Divas face the face ones in a six-person tag. Nikki beats Brie with the Rack Attack. Okay then. Cell numbers. Hogan Raw recap. Usos are out with Henry to face the Dust Bros and Bo. One of Bo's worst Bo-dogs yet wins. Cesaro challenges Dolph to a 2/3 match and he accepts. Seth came out with props to talk and talk and talk and talk. Raw clips air and Dean jumps him and THEY FIGHT WITH THE TOYS! Like kids. Mercury and Noble get physical with Dean here. Noble does a flip for the rebound lariat and Mercury eats the DDT. FLYING ELBOW OFF THE TOP TO NOBLE THROUGH A TABLE. So that'll be a key spot in the Cell.  They had a big staredown and damn would it be a mistake to not have these guys close the show - they've still got something with him after the bad Raw booking.

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