Tuesday, October 14, 2014

WWE Main Event 10-14-14

Miz is out with no Mizdow and they talk about Miz being in the hunt for the U.S. Title. How very odd to just flip flop the secondary title feuds with very little reason being given. They recap Sheamus losing via idiocy on Raw. Miz gets a shot at the title at the PPV, which could be good. It's MizTV with no announced guest beforehand - so why bother doing this at the start? Sheamdow is out. Oh lord. Sheamdow's got that dimestore hair dye in the beard. I think I used it for a Halloween costume when I was 10 - same shade of orange too. He's wearing a giant rash guard suit to turn all white!  IT'S A SHAMEFUL THING, LOBSTER HEAD! Okay, this got great. Miz gets on Mizdow for improvising about how good Mizdow is, so that'll be a reason for the break down the line. Love Sheamdow siding with Sheamus since he's out there. Sheamus says "his is bigger" since they went with a shitty replica for Miz. Sheamdow copying Sheamus is cracking him up. Sheamus attacked Sheamdow, which got a ton of boos. More when he brogue kicks him. Poor Mizdow. "Hell in a Cell shaping up to be one heck of an event!" Oh the lulz. Rusev faces Big E tonight, which should be pretty good - they were solid together when Rusev wasn't nearly as good as he is now.

"There are two things that will never lie to you - CATS AND FACTS!" I love this guy. Kidd-Truth should be a fun little match. Truth shucks and jives, resulting in Tyson barking at him. Nice sliding dropkick from Kidd. Tyson's new red gear doesn't look as good as his yellow gear. Tyson's got his kids airbrushed on his kickpads! Someone yells PUT SOME PANTS ON, TYSON! Nattie looks distraught with her husband on offense. Due to a Nattie distraction, Truth hits Paydirt and wins.

Fantastic inset promo from Cesaro here. He shows up with his head ducked and promised that DOLPH WOULD BE IN THE SWING OF THINGS - BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Cesaro-Gabriel should be awesome. Nice back elbow>chop sequence in the corner from Cesaro. Gabriel gets a headscissor counter out of the corner and they don't know what to do next, so they just do a quick one count. Corner beatdown from Cesaro. Stream gets all wonky for a bit, and it comes back with Gabriel on top for 2. Might've hit an STO - that used to be a setup for the 450. Gabriel misses a wonky moonsault block and Cesaro beats him with the Neutralizer. Gabriel really looked lost in there at times, which never happens. Right after BFG, WWE has a BOUND FOR HELL graphic. Maybe they got preliminary numbers. Raw rebound focuses on the Ambrose-Cena stuff. We finally get a full-screen shot of Dean's "you can't see me" bit. On Raw, Cena and Ambrose team up to face Kane, Seth, and Orton. RUSEV CRUSH TIME! Rusev's gear is kind of hard to make in FPR, but I think if I go with a fire layer, and then the sideline layer, it'll look okay - it should at least kind of replicate the larger blue section with the red area in the middle. Show-Rusev was added to the PPV as well, but not in the Cell. It would actually make sense there too given the Henry interference last night - makes more sense than Orton-Cena in storyline. See No Evil 2 is out soon - you can either buy it, or just rent it for $1 at Redbox.

Lana gets USA chants - SHU-TUP! This act rules. Lana calls this city the armpit of the nation, while Rusev calls Show the anus, the stinky anus at that, and when he's done with Show, he'll be talking. THROUGH HIS ANUS. Um, yeah. E-Rusev is now a classic rivalry. Big E sends him to the floor, but Rusev regains control before a break. Rusev continues to dominate with shots in the corner. This is their worst match to date. ST-JOE BY BIG E gets 2! Rusev counters the Ultimate splash with the running superkick. CRUSH TIME! Accolade is on, but Big E isn't instantly tapping - he tried, but couldn't get out of it. Lana looks to be half the width of Rusev when they're side by side. God this dude is just so wide - like Volkoff. 

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