Monday, October 13, 2014

Raw 10-13-14

A soft-spoken voice over recapped last week's event's with Dean, Seth, and Cena. SD was actually included in this, so the show felt somewhat important. Dean's out in a cutout version of his own shirt...boy does he seem a bit more corporate wearing his own stuff. A fan in an EC3 Trouble, Trouble Trouble shirt made air. Dean rambles for a bit about tearing the pole down and beating Cena down with it before getting Seth in the Cell and tearing him apart. Cena comes out to tell him to relax. Cena says EVERYONE wants to see either Cena or Dean face Seth. Nope. Everyone just wants Dean in that match. Cena tells him that he's got the match of his life in two weeks, and to use the time to get ready for the match. HHH tells them that they've got two weeks to get ready, and Steph plugs the Network for $9.99. Steph makes a tag team match, but HHH breaks the fourth wall a bit, then Steph has fun with it. So in case you forgot, Steph and HHH are the smartest folks in the room. Steph makes a triple threat tag with them against Gold and Stardust and the Usos. Shocked it's not also for the titles so the titles can look even worse. Stardust has added some weird jig to his intro. Holy God. Usos are out last before a break.

Dean wearing his own merch now makes him seem a bit less rebellious, and that's not good. Cena and Dean double elbow an Uso. Usos double team Cena for 2. EVERYONE IN THE WWE UNIVERSE HAS AN OPINION ON JOHN CENA! They rambled on about what the Authority's "standard bet" is. A Jey Uso dropkick misses by several miles because Cena took the bump too early. Dean and Jimmy go at it and a Goldberg chant breaks out. Stardust did some stupid standing run outside the ring. Dust bros attacked an Uso's back in the corner after the break. Goldust took a fantastic bump off an Uso punch by hopping up, then down, and then doing a belly flop. JBL, Cole, and King talked a bit about the standard bet again. Love Goldust tossing the Uso into the corner, but him turning it into a forearm shiver to Stardust and a kick to Goldust. Stardust eats Cena's usual comeback. Y, Y, B! Five Knuckle Shuffle. Uso Crazy dive to the Dusts. FLYING BELLY FLOP TO THE FLOOR from Cena. Dean one-ups him with the flying elbow! Snap Double Arm DDT hits as the AA does, and the DDT is now the Dirty Deeds. Well, they beat the tag champs - so they should logically get a shot, right? The standard bet was $1. That's all the tag champs are worth? HHH made Ambrose-Cena tonight for the contract. Very unique way to kill PPVs further - give away the ONE ANNOUNCED MATCH two weeks beforehand. JBL hilariously said this was best for business. Show-Rusev hype. Darn - when he announced USA vs. Russia, I was hoping we'd get Chrisley vs. Rusev. AJ and a mystery partner face Paige and Alicia. They showed the Emma thing and offered up no real defense for AJ just leaving her high and dry.

AJ and Layla will team. Somehow, they cut an inset promo before the show, but Cole still had no idea who here partner would be. AJ hates Layla the least. Babyface!? While Paige and Alicia came out, they ever-so-organically avoided them to show all the Komen stuff. Layla shorted AJ, but she hits a shining wizard anyway and beat up Layla. Wow. Orton and his new light blue and grey shirt demanded a Cell match with "the other guy" who isn't facing Seth. Rowan video aired. FINALLY, the announcers talked about the terrifying thought of Harper and Rowan being let loose without Bray to control them. Dolph faces Orton so another champion can lose to a guy who matters.

WWE bragged about WrestleMania being Forbes' MOST VALUABLE SPORTS BRAND! Must be why it's down to $9.99 instead of $60 a year ago. Orton's out and Cesaro's on commentary. JBL calls him Antonio. Dolph and Orton are being given the hour one main event, so of course they don't hype this up in anyway or make you think it will be more than a squash. They start off with a tie-up, so they're going with a nice, serious match. Dolph nails the stinger splash, but misses the elbow, and rebounds withs a pretty dropkick. They brawl on the floor after a gutbuster on the ropes. Another fan, the one next to selfie girl, has a Punk Halloween outfit on. Dolph counters the draping DDT and dropkicks him off the apron. Seth's out for some reason. Maybe to give Dolph a fluke win or something. Seth's case his pink trim now.

"THINGS HAVE GOTTEN MIGHTY INTERESTING HERE ON RAW!" (cut to Orton chinlock) Orton gets a nice European uppercut on the top rope, and Cesaro points out that the IC Champion historically is the best sports entertainer. Cesaro points out that he, unlike Dolph, wears a nice suit. Orton gets a superplex after a lot of fighting. Cesaro said it was nice, but not as good as the Cesaro-plex. Cesaro is doing a fantastic job, for the most part, on commentary. Orton counters the superkick with a snap powerslam. Orton finally gets the draping DDT. RKO countered into a cradle for 2, then a superkick gets 2. This is Dolph's best match in a long time, and I'm digging it far more than the Orton-Jericho PPV match. Fameasser countered into a powerbomb setup, then it's an ALLEY OOP RKO! This was excellent. Seth attacked Dolph, and faces Swagger next.

They plugged the WWE Network shamelessly after not paying attention to the actual match for a bit. Guys did stuff while the announcers talked amongst themselves. Seth got an armbar as a transition. Orton came down to distract Seth. Swagger did WE THE PEOPLE, but stopped at we. An overweight black woman behind him in a Nikki shirt was quite excited to finish this bit. Commentators buried Swagger. Coke, Dr. Pepper, and Pepsi are supporting a healthy diet. Yup. Seth ground the forearm into the back of the head before going back to the generic armbar. WHEELBARROW SUPLEX FROM SWAGGER! Brock needs to do that. Seth did the HBK flip bump in the corner. Swagger bomb gets 2. Seth avoids the gutwrench powerbomb, but eats a shoot-style powerslam counter off the top for 2. This is getting quite good. Clip sets up the ankle lock. Rollthrough sets up the kneeling superkick, but Seth can't do anything with it due to the knee. CURB STOMP COUNTERED INTO THE ANKLE LOCK! He gets the rope, does his flip up, avoids another wheelbarrow suplex and wins with a victory roll using the trunks. Well, that got damn good for the last five minutes or so. RKO to Swagger. Seth and Orton argue. Seth's leg is fine now. Cole finally called "the other guy" the loser.

THE INCREDIBLE MUST-SEE WWE NETWORK IS ONLY $9.99! Renee chats with Dean. Renee is very concerned about Dean's stamina tonight. CENA AND ROLLINS ARE ON THE HIIIIGGGHWWWAYYY TOO HEELLL! Okay, that should be his theme - or a soundalike. Show cut a promo on Rusev about how Henry's shoulder's couldn't handle the weight of America, but his can, and tonight here in HOT ATLANTA, he'll take out Rusev (in the hour two main event).

Lana looks really hot with pink lipstick on. Lana pointed out Columbus being an asshole and the Indians being banished to reservations. Well, she's not wrong. Then she buried the Braves! Goddamn did this get some sustained heat due to the Braves bit. Show's out and he dominates with shoulders, kicks, knees, and a JUMPING ELBOW TO RUSEV! DROPKICK FROM RUSEV! Rusev sends Show over the top and JBL rants and raves about how Show cannot let down America! This has been quite good so far - both the match and the show as a whole.

A new The More You Know ad aired - NBC made it far less meme-able. Mid-season Total Divas finale is airing this week, with another double-header. They seem to be burning through Total Divas as quickly as they can now. Rusev's got holds locked on. Flying elbow from Show missed. Rusev locks on a hold. KO punch misses, but Rusev gets a kick! ACCOLADE IS ON! Henry's out, BUT WHOSE SIDE IS HE ON!? Rusev stops due to Henry, who blasts Rusev. Henry's sad that Show was getting beaten, but Show's pissed that Henry...prevented more abuse. THEN THE FLAG DROPPED AND RUSEV GRABBED THE FLAG AND WAVED IT IN THEIR FACES! How fantastic! Show and Henry trapped him on the floor and Show KOed him! 'MERICA! If you can't win fairly, attack people 2 on 1 after trapping them! Sheamus and his crazy beard cut a promo on Miz, and a 2K15 soundtrack ad aired. Buying it gets you two songs with Cena, including one where he talks about rapping with Wiz Khalifa.

Chrisley Knows Best plug. The family waved in the front row and Todd cut a promo while a guy behind him mimed a blowjob. Sheamus beat up Miz and Mizdow selling it became a big part of things. Kneeling DDT gets 2 for Miz. They went a bit overboard with the Mizdow stuff on the floor. Mizdow distracts Sheamus and Miz wins by countout. This didn't do much for me. Face Total Divas met with NeNee to make her MISS HONORARY TOTAL DIVA! Yes, that's a thing someone would want.

Komen ad. Heel Total Divas faced the Face Total Divas. Rosa's on the floor. LOL @ King laughing at Nene's accomplishments. SHE'S A CLOTHING LINE DESIGNER, REALITY TV STAR, ACTRESS, AUTHOR, AND SOON TO BE BROADWAY STAR! Nikki's ass dominated Nattie. JBL buried something with TJ and Nattie going to an ostrich farm to refresh their marriage. I almost wish I was watching the show again. Summer missed a legdrop by a 1,000 miles, and then Brie landed the worst knee to the gut in history. Cole talked about the "fuckadactyls" breaking up. Brie avoids the Rack Attack and hits an X Factor to beat Nikki. They Yesed, and it should be Cena-Ambrose time as it's 10:43.

Cena's meeting with Renee while wearing his Flash-colored gear and no anti-cancer stuff. God bless Cena - he's trying to make CONTRACT ON A POLE seem like a badass stip. He hyped up seeing WWE's hottest face against the man who runs the place. A new Bray video aired with smoke and "It's Coming" as the tagline. Same one used for the Harper video with the pregnant woman, but she wasn't in this. Smoke rose, and it seems like they're actually going with the Ascension. Authority's out at 10:51 to kill more time. 

"From the Corporation in 1999 to The Authority in 2014!" Yup - nothing's really changed in 15 years. King exposited badly about just what the stips were. Dean and Cena came out, followed by Seth at 10:57 and Orton at 10:58. And Kane at 10:59. Really now. Cena and Dean slugged it out for a bit, then brawled to the floor. Suplex on the ramp and an AA counter set up Dean going for the contract, but eating an electric chair drop mid-ring. Cole brought up Cena and Ambrose as long-time enemies of the Authority. Three or so months into this and we still have no idea WHY the Authority doesn't like Cena. He won MITB and they were just angry for reasons. Ambrose dives to Cena. Um...why aren't the heels at ringside just grabbing the contract? Dean wins after a bit of a schmozz and we officially get Cena-Orton in the cell and Ambrose-Rollins as the main event. This was a really nothing match, sadly. Loved Dean grabbing the contract while doing the You Can't See Me bit.

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