Sunday, September 28, 2014

Family Guy - "The Simpsons Guy" Review

The show starts off with them referencing crossovers being creative and not at all smacking of desperation. Peter becomes a newspaper comic writer, leading to a misogynistic comic pissing off the town, so they have to leave. Okay then. Some of the lines about pissing off the internet were funny, and I loved the "photo of Spider-Man" being of a chick in a thong, and Peter talking about his superhero thong shot sub-reddit. Dumb and Dumber To ad - Jeff Bridges got really old.

They stop at a gas station and their car gets stolen, leading to them FINDING SPRINGFIELD. The shots of all of Springfield's locales really shows off how iconic the buildings are, and then Homer pays for their donuts at Kwik-E-Mart since their money was in the car and he just wants to help them. This ruled. BTW, with Family Guy's games being so terrible, they should just do a GTA-style game like the Simpsons had 10 years ago - it also has a ton of well-known locations and characters, and could work well.

Bart and Stewie get along with a prank call. Moe can't seem to find "Lee Keybum", but Bart doesn't find Stewie's rape joke funny. Lisa uplifts Meg's spirits to the point of only mild depression. Brian is just disgusted by Santa's Little Helper. Homer is overjoyed by Peter's job at the brewery. Loved the Bob's Burgers cameo during a cutaway. Nelson bullies Bart, so Stewie stands up for his pal and darts him!

Peter and Homer think like a car to find it - and drink tons of gas. Next is the stolen car wash gag that was seen in ads set to "Pour Some Sugar on Me". Lou wants them to arrest every car thief in town, but he wants to watch the show. Lisa helps Meg find her muse with the sax, AND IT WORKS! She's great - but too good for Lisa to tolerate. Stewie tortures Nelson and forces him to eat his shorts. Moleman hits Peter with their car, and they go to Moe's to celebrate. Peter presents Homer with some beer and SHIT GOES DOWN. Homer doesn't like it and finds it to be a knock-off of Duff - then he rips the label off and it's just Duff with a new label. Burns's Lawyer shows up to sue Peter since he's representing the company, and there's the setup for the second half of the special.

They went to court and had cameo city with Mayor West and Quimby getting along great, and going with a gag that called back to the pilot of FG with Kool-Aid Man. Fred Flintstone finds Duff to be the winners in the case, and Brian lucks out with SLH walking up. Meg slits her wrists with Lisa's name on it...yargh. She starts ranting and Lisa tells her to lovingly shut up. Stewie reveals a kidnapped Nelson, and Bart's offended by this and all the other people he kidnapped. Bart unties Nelson and gets a punch - but a muted haw haw due to the ball gag.

Homer gets a paper and feels guilty about the brewery closing. Homer and Peter fight and Peter is offended by the choking and calls him out for being a horrible father. The first masturbation joke in the history of a Simpsons-related thing is made at Chris's expense. They fight on the bus, go through the plant and Homer attacks with Emmys! They fall into a vat of nuclear goo and become super-powered versions of themselves. They brawl INTO SPACE and meet Kang, Kodos, and Roger from American Dad. The saucer flies down INTO THE GORGE and they fall down. This is so great. They knock each other out with a single huge punch before the brawl gets even crazier with a dick bite and a saucer falling on Homer. He lives, they make up, and Comic Book Guy calls it the worst chicken fight ever. Lois says the brewery's still open since they'll never actually come here to enforce the ruling. Stewie closes the show with a chalkboard gag. This was fantastic, and greatly exceeded my expectations.

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