Thursday, September 4, 2014

WWE NXT 9-4-14

Sin Cara and Kalisto face the Vaudevillains in the main event to set up Takeover 2, while Kidd, Zayn, Neville, and Breeze are in singles action. Alexa did some flippy stuff, like an armdrag and one involving the top rope, but went for a spinning headscissors and it got turned into a gutbuster. Cutter wins and she does the curtsey. IT'S BAYLEY came out and got a "Bayley's gonna hug you chant" immediately. Charlotte's teeth are just crazy white. I love Bayley's line about Charlotte needing to take her seriously, because she'll seriously take her title next week. They had a little brawl and Bayley got a Belly to Bayley, so she's losing. Tyler cut a really wimpy promo full of buzzwords and trademarked phrases. Takeover hype vid showcases KENTA! Tyler's out to face Tye Dillinger. Tye gets some chops, an inverted atomic drop, they do more moves, and he eats a Beauty Shot. Nothing really to this, but Tye looked really good. Kidd's interview puts over a guy who is the best flyer in the world, one honed his talent in Japan, another is cocky because he looks like a million bucks, and one is hungry, determined, and ruthless! And then there's the other guys too. This was great. Kidd faces Rose next.

Nope - we get an Enzo and Cass skit at Hair. They go to some big-boobed chick and get hair removal cream, which they accidentally spill on a guy's dog, and leave her in the lurch. These pricks are the babyfaces!? Rose is A THORN IN KIDD'S SIDE! BWAHAHAHA! Rose got in his corner kicks and hit one of the worst elbow drops ever. I liked Renee saying Rose fell down and might've been trying to give the floor a hug. Rose did a really wacky spinning spinebuster. Kidd works on the knee, gets a sharpshooter and wins. Thank God the sharpshooter actually won a match! Zayn cut an okay promo about the title match.

A wacky black and white Vaude Villains backstage promo aired. Some men climb mountains, but SIMON GOTCH IS THE ONLY MAN WHO CAN MOVE THEM! This ruled. Zayn's out to face Marcus Louis, who is a generic-looking dude. They talked about great hair vs. hair matches of the past. Trump-Vince was now apparently a match with them, while Brutus Beefcake got a plug, and of course, one of the WWE robots knew that Torito-Hornswoggle was at Payback. Koji Clutch gets the win for Zayn - I love that move and I'm glad to see it as his finish. Enzo and Cass, like assholes, attacked their enemies from behind and tried to dunk his head in a bucket of shaving cream. Neville faces CJ Parker next.

CJ Parker's tron now has signs in it. This gimmick still sucks. Renee said that she saw him FILLING HIS CAR WITH REGULAR FUEL AT SHEETZ. What a superstar. Parker gets 2 off a big spin kick. CJ misses a big splash off the top. Red Arrow wins, and the next match is going to be the main event - Luchadores vs. the Vaude Villains - hopefully, it can save this show. They plug the Ascension being champs for nearly a year, leading to Renee calling them the nation of domination. Heels are grounding the faces, which isn't making this show go by any faster. Kalisto hit the worst-looking kneeling rana in human history He stopped, jumped, and did a thing resembling a rana. Salida Del Sol hits setting up the swanton for the win. Ascension came out and held the belts up. THIS SHOW SUCKED. It was just boring. The only worthwhile thing was the KENTA announcement.

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