Friday, September 5, 2014

WWE SD 9-5-14

The triple threat of shows tonight between SD, UFC, and Bellator made it a no-brainer to get a high-quality version before it airs on SyFy. Cena-Brock hype vid airs. Cena's out to talk, leading to Seth and Kane coming out. Cena tells Seth to kiss his plan A and that THE GROWNUPS ARE TALKING. Roman's out, Jericho and Team Show are out, and we're getting a big 10 man tag thanks to HHH breaking the fourth wall, saying we know how it goes, holla holla and he goes off to Teddy's theme. Good God this took ages - 14 minutes to be exact, but the ending ruled. Cesaro and Dolph are up next, with Sheamus on commentary. Cesaro takes Dolph down and rides him for a bit. Cesaro dominates, but winds up losing with Dolph counters the Alpamare Waterslide into a schoolboy for a win. Cesaro jumps him leading to Sheamus making a save with a Brogue kick - so the treadmill push continues for them all. Gold and Stardust were annoying backstage. Well, Goldust was good - Stardust was annoying. Jimmy beats Heath with the Uso Crazy splash. Steph in a giant WWE logo room, announced that LIVE ON THE WWE NETWORK, you can watch a three-way for the divas title. Nikki said words.

Lana and Rusev are out getting cut off by Mark Henry. Lana and Rusev will take great pride in taking out the American Olympian. BROCK LESNAR KILLING DUDES AND TALKING ABOUT KILLING DUDES is recapped. Brie had a match with Paige. Poor Paige. I loved her giant scream. Paige hit the grounded headbutts about a mile away from Brie's head. Brie Mode dropkick off the top. AJ attacks Nikki, leading to Brie of course coming out to help the sister that hates her. She's distracted, eats a Rampaige, and lost because she's a moron. Bo killed Ryder. Swagger came down to attack Bo and sent him packing. 10 man tag is up. Kane takes out Show's knee with a basement dropkick, which is just bizarre. Harper works Show over. Reigns comes in and takes Harper down. Reigns and Rollins brawl for a bit before Roman hits the barricade. They go to a break.

A really awesome Rusev video aired with him against neat-looking graphics. Guys are just in doing stuff for a little bit. Roman showed a lot of fire brawling with guys and reversing a suplex on Harper. Reigns gets a flying clothesline off the top, which is a new wrinkle to his arsenal. Jericho tags in and gets beaten down by the heels. During the break Reign's fancy top comes off leaving just his tanktop. Seth's dominating Jericho, but he sends Seth out leading to Cena holding his hands together and begging for a tag. Bray dominates Jericho, who tags Cena in and takes out he and Seth. The Family comes in and beats down guys leading to a no-contest. OH FOR FUCK'S SAKE. You've got 10 guys in there - beat one of them. Faces hit finishers and stood tall after a brawl. This was 30 minutes that amounted to jack shit.

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