Wednesday, September 24, 2014

TNA Impact 9-24-14

The pre-show Cops features a guy being arrested for bringing cocaine into the country. ROBBIE E IS IN A 5-MAN TOURNAMENT FOR THE WORLD TITLE. 1 - Why is he in this? 2 - Since when do tournaments not have an even number of competitors? Roode-Lashley recap made that come off like a pretty great match - didn't show the over the top AA though. JB looks so fat right now, and his explanation of this NYC Gold Rush thing makes very little sense. Everyone faces...someone, and I don't think they face each other, but I don't know. An MVP hype video airs making him seem like a threat, which is impressive given how little he's worked in TNA. He starts the show in a match saying THERE AIN'T A BADDER MAN IN THE RING. Dun Dun Dun... It's MVP vs. Low Ki in a BATTLE OF THE BODY SUITS! Well, this should be MVP's best match in TNA by far. Ki cuts a damn good promo in this video talking up the X Title and how if you hold that title, you'd better be good enough to be worthy of that championship and the men who have held it before you.

Within MINUTE ONE they already have a better match than MVP has had so far by focusing on matwork. MVP gives a clean break until he elbows him right in the face - nice. Ki gets his kangaroo kick out of the corner, but MVP pulls him off the top and rains down some punches. Ki avoids the player kick and hits a corner forearm before eating some chops. MVP eats them with some strong style selling, undoes the top and tells him to bring it on. Now this is a good thing we never saw from MVP in WWE because it shows that he IS a competitor, and that's something you can use for a face turn down the line. He gets the edge with a spinning lariat, which I don't recall him doing before. Players kick sends Ki to the floor.

MVP's cross chop sets up the facebuster and BALLIN ELBOW! MVP mocks Low-Ki's poses. LOW KI COMES BACK BY HOPPING OFF OF MVP'S SHOULDERS AND MULE KICKING HIS BACK! This got a "that was cool!" chant, and it was! Buzzsaw kick gets 2! I'm definitely having this match in FPR later. Ki kicks MVP to the floor. DIVING SPRINGBOARD MISAWA ELBOW TO THE FLOOR! It gets "that was awesome!". MVP blocks the Krusher again, but eats a front Kawada kick. MVP avoids a koppo kick and gets the drive by for the win! THIS RULED! Robbie E chatted with the Bro Mans about being on the Amazing Race with Brooke and dating Velvet too...BUT KEEP IT A SECRET. Jessie tells him hey bro, I'M A REALITY TV STAR BRO, and cameras are everywhere on reality shows and right...over here...and then Robbie jets. This was so much funnier in execution than in theory. Ladder match 3-way highlights are coming up.

They had a really heartfelt tribute to Eric the Actor showing photos of him at an '02 show and then at a newer one with the Bro Mans backstage. This was really sweet, and didn't come off as something they wanted to do for publicity like with WWE's tribute. They had a really good highlight reel for the ladder match, but it was a bit too fast-paced. The orangest version of Robbie E ever came out. He cut a hilarious promo about being tougher than anyone in the world, bringing Tajiri out. Tajiri somehow looks a bit younger facially and doesn't have as much of a gut as his last appearance. Tajiri gets a minor lead and a "you still got it" chant, so Robbie E hits a super Hart Attack and yells I STILL GOT IT! Tajiri eats a DDT, but the ref goes down, so Tajiri mists Robbie, kicks him, and wins! Spud's asked about problems with EC3 - he says clearly the man just heard them on THE INTERNET!

Spud was very sad after talking to EC3. Poor Spud and his blue and flowery suit. Aries is out and Tenay says that Aries could realistically go for any title since he's held them all. Taz rightfully points out that he should go for the World title since he's won all three. Menagerie's out. Steve honks a horn now. Rebel's ass accompanied the group, and Aries checked her out as she entered the ring. KNUX DID A HANDSTAND, so Aries did a cartwheel. Taz invites Rebel to do that on the announce table. KNUX ROLLS THROUGH AND NIPS UP OUT OF AN ARM WRINGER! Dude's still got some agility! Crowd chants JUMP JUMP JUMP and Aries claps for him too. Knux booted Aries in the...face-ish area ideally to nix the suicide dive. KNUX HIT A DROPKICK! Aries mixed middle round kicks with forearms to wear him down. Hamstring kick sets up an ear clap. Aries dives, but Knux moves, so he hits the Freak and then Knux hot shots him on the apron. Sideslam gets 2, setting up an Avalanche and flying bear for 2. Aries counters a Sky High finish with a rana sending him into the buckle. Corner dropkick! Brainbuster doesn't work, so he hits some rolling elbows and the dropkick and gets the DELAYED BRAINBUSTER! This over-delivered, and was just about perfect for what it needed to be - Knux hasn't looked this good in TNA yet, and showed more agility here than he ever did in WWE. MVP, Tajiri, and Aries are in the Gold Rush so far. Roode-Lashley recap with exclusive footage airs next. Magnus's Gold Rush match is next.

He'll be facing Anderson, who gets interactive with the fans for his intro. Magnus does the Finlay spot with the ring skirt punches. Anderson wins a mid-ring punch exchange. Finlay roll gets 2. Mark of Excellence hits for 2 - would've been 3, but Ken gets a foot on the ropes. Anderson avoids it again, Mic check hits and gets the win! Abyss's match is next, while a Gail-HAVOK preview is coming as well. 20 seconds of a KO calendar cheesecake video airs.

Team 3D highlight video showed their history from ECW to now. It was a great setup for their HOF induction. They recapped the Gold Rush matches so far. Havok-Gail video made Havok seem like a killer, and Gail said she wouldn't quit. Abyss is out and his match is next. Well, that all killed some time. Abyss is out to face Shaw. Tenay recaps his issues with Christy. They do a bunch of nothing until a chokeslam. Shaw used a chair and the ref didn't see it. He ate the Black Hole Slam and...yeah, this was a thing. I liked Abyss's absence being explained by the monster's ball with Bram since it makes a match like that at least seem special in theory. Gold Rush is next.

Everyone got full intros to kill time. Taz said Tajiri's song is one of his favorites, Tenay called it a chart-topper, and Taz sang it. Okay then. It's a 5-way match with guys tagging in and out. This is theoretically very odd, but it makes sense since you can rest like a tag match and also forcibly tag in when things look like they're going your way. They talked about Tajiri might go for the X Title or pick Aries as his partner again to go after the tag titles, while Aries probably wouldn't do that and go for a singles title. This nicely set up their sequence, which was a friendly rivalry deal. Anderson comes in and gets some backbreakers, but Abyss comes in and eats some forearms. MVP forces his way in against Abyss. Tajiri kicks away at Abyss. Misty water to the face of Abyss during a chokeslam. Anderson comes in with a neckbreaker. Everyone does shit, MVP and Aries come in, MVP's drive by is countered into a jackknife pin and Aries becomes the "toughest man in NYC" with a rollup. Okay then. The first half of the show was largely good, but hour 2 wasn't so hot.

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