Tuesday, September 23, 2014

WWE Main Event 9-23-14

Adam Rose and the Bunny are out to...do commentary. SLATER GATOR has a new theme and tron - the B-roll tron is hilarious. It's Heath and Titus making wacky faces in front of a fancy car. After some annoying commentary, the Matadores won with a flying cross body off the top. The bunny and the bull were wacky afterwards - that was great. Cole did a dance and SANG. Oh lord. MARK HENRY'S OUT IN A SUIT! Show, his most recent buddy, his "brother from another mother" is out. Show shared a story about Henry eating his cookies and milk, cuz he loves him. Show says if you want to boo Henry, you can boo him, and Show says on SD, he'll whoop Rusev! This was great - they teased a turn, damn near did it, but held off. You can see where things are going, and that's great. Roman recap led to a Brock-Cena one.

AJ's out to do commentary for a Paige match - Paige-Naomi. Naomi did some mat wrestling wackiness to Paige to get the edge. Naomi rubbed her asshole into Paige's face, then did Evan Bourne's double knee thing for 2. Paige got her knees on the apron. Running rana set up a headscissors rana from Naomi - she's very good at doing moves given her inexperienced. Paige won with a weak cradle and the ropes, used horribly, to win and then AJ bonked her with the belt from behind. Dean-Rollins Raw recap. Usos cut a wacky promo showing that they can be a fountain of charisma. Bo's backstage and Kofi's out to face him. Bo said that he was glad to see Kofi since he wasn't sure he still worked here! Ha! Kofi gets 2 off a crossbody off the top. Kofi gets his kick and wins! Miz TV is next.

Miz reciting his promo with Mizdow saying everything again silent a second later ruled. Miz asked him what anti-psychotic drugs they put him on. Dean says a normal person doesn't get up from what happened to him - BUT HE AIN'T NORMAL. HE MAY GO DOWN, BUT HE DON'T STAY DOWN AND THE AUTHORITY HAS PICKED A FIGHT THEY CAN'T WIN! Miz asked IF HE BLEW UP THE ROOM! "It's simple - there was a backdoor." This works for me. Miz yelled at Ambrose about him being robbed. Ambrose takes them both out! He picks up Miz's limp form, puts it in the chair, puts shades on him, puts the mic on his chest and wraps Miz's hand around it before signing off. Ambrose is amazing.

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