Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Simpsons - "Clown in the Dumps" Review

It's the season...26, I think, premiere and SOMEBODY GONNA GET GOT! The couch gag was cute switching Homer around to old designs, and then became a mind screw. The Krusty roast was amusing. Loved Krusty being offended that he, THE KING OF OVALTINE, would be past his prime. The act break features Krusty asking his dad if he's funny, and his dad dying. They tease issues with Homer after the funeral. There's a great bit where Krusty says he's tired of the pre-recorded kids laughter, and it has I LIKE IKE at the end. Krusty retires, and he's buried for existing by Clive Meriwether. FXX is apparently doing EVERY SIMPSONS EVER weekly. Good lord.

Homer has sleep apnea, and Krusty is binge-watching his shows thanks to Bart. Krusty has a dream where his dad tells him to change his life, and then his life will go from "eh" to worthwhile. Lisa wraps Homer up in bubble wrap, leading to him being saved when Otto's bus hits him. Krusty is taken to temple by Bart, where he sees his dad's favorite rabbi stealing his bits. Krusty's dad loved his jokes after all - he just couldn't tell him. That was sweet, and the show ends with a dedication to Louis Castellanetta - Dan's father who died at 99 last week. This was a pretty funny episode, and it was good to see the show return to a more dramatic tone since it can pull it off very well.

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