Thursday, September 25, 2014

WWE NXT 9-25-14

Mojo runs out to start the show in a rematch with Bull. They brawled outside for a bit and Mojo hit some Velvet-level knees to the gut in the corner. Flying headbutts wins again for Bull. Renee got in a great line after Albert said that Bull's face is only one a mother could love, and she thought a mother would be scared. Tyler came down and was touched by Mojo, so he rammed him into the post. Poor Mojo. A Sin City-stylized hype video aired for Baron Corbin. They're going for some kind of emo biker character...I think. Good vid. Gabriel's new black, silver, and white gear would be really hard to make in FPR - although I think Tiger Mask's stuff could be a fine base. Tyler's legs look so skinny in this dark blue gear. Kneeling flatliner from Gabriel! STO sets up the springboard moonsault for 2. 450 is rolled out of, leading Gabriel to eat a supermodel kick and the Beauty Shot for the win!

Regal asked a PA to get a spot of white tea and some palleo treats for him. Nattie asked for another shot for Tyson, BUT SHE DOESN'T WANT ANYONE TO KNOW. Regal points out that HE WAS PINNED, but gives in for no real reason beyond it being his last chance. If he can't beat Neville, he can never face Neville again for the title - so Kidd beats the guy Adrian loses it to then. Ascension-Lucha Dragons is hyped up as the main event. Bayley faces Bliss next. Bliss comes out followed by IT'S BAYLEY. Jason Albert loves her theme and is so sad she didn't see him dancing! Bayley better keep the inflatable tube men if she gets to the main roster. Love her using little props to give to fans - adds a connection to her, and it costs nothing. Alexa gets 2 off a sunset flip. Flying spinning headscissors from Bliss. They high five! They botched a wonky small package thing. Standing moonsault is avoided, and an awful Bayley-to-Belly hits. Bliss barely left her feet for it. Someone drove 900 miles for Bayley. Wow. Bayley calls Charlotte out, and she wants another shot. Charlotte told her she gained her respect, but the second verse will be the same as the verse - she'll see her soon, kid! This ruled.

ENZO HAS A WU-TANG SHIRT ON IN 20141 Carmella demands to know why she's not in the ring right now. Enzo tells her she's hairdresser hot, but not diva hot, and that if you treat women like dirt, they'll stick like mud. Babyface. Cass tells him to not say that, Carmella shows off her body, and Enzo takes a bump off the exercise equipment - this ruled too. The Legeionaires and...their '70s porno theme hit. Louis's doing the wig deal, which Albert already gives away as being fake. Sing Along With the Guido time. They talked about pie for a bit, and math. They talk about Enzo's hair costing $500 a month, and Albert says he can do it for half that! Albert gives Louis advice - always use shaving cream, and use suntan lotion too - especially if you have a giant head like him. Louis's headgear comes off, he's shocked, and loses via schoolboy with the tights. Babyface. Kidd talks about Nattie's heart being in the right place, but he doesn't need her to get a shot for him - HE WANTS ALL THE POWER THE NXT TITLE POSSESSES! Kidd says he's beaten Neville in every match Neville's lost this year, and he's the next champ - FACT! Tag title match is next.

Zayn promo on the Kidd-Neville match. Both men are desperate, and he's gunning for the title. Lucha Dragons are out to Kalisto's theme, which isn't anywhere near as good as the Sin Cara theme. The in-shape member of the Ascension attacked Kalisto to start. Albert says the Dragons' offense is like a video game - X, X, SQUARE! Headlock gator roll from the fatter Ascension dude looks bizarre and only gets 2. Okay, so Konnor's the fat one and Viktor's in-shape, and comes in with a punch to the gut. Scoop slam gets 2. Chinlock. Bodyscissors. Woa boy is their offense just not good. They're doing way too many things they're not good at. The Road Warrior's didn't do MOVEZ - they just beat the shit out of dudes with power. Viktor gets a European uppercut and 2 for it. Sin Cara flips around to get the lead after a hot tag. Kalisto's back in, but Itami comes out! SDS hits and gets the win! Itami kicks the fuck out of Konnor on the ramp. Okay shot - but nothing essential tonight. The Enzo skit was probably the best overall thing, and maybe character-wise, having Zayn view Neville as desperate as Kidd.

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