Friday, September 26, 2014

WWE SD 9-26-14

This is apparently a wrestling-heavy show and lean on promos - excellent! I had a few extractions done this morning and just woke up about 20 minutes before the show. I'm on strict orders to actually relax, so it will be nice to do that while also getting some work done too. Omen II is on before SD, and boy is it ever stupid to say "give me the daggers!" in a horror movie. Damien lets his aunt kill his uncle, then burns her alive and he just don't give no fucks. Damien's got swagger. SD opens with a Raw is Ambrose recap. Miz and Mizdow are mid-ring MARCHING STERNLY! Ambrose taking Miz out on ME is recapped. Ambrose is out to face Miz, and gets a nice pop. JBL ranted about Dean being mean to Miz and how Kimmel wouldn't have that on his show and he's not all that nice. Cole says he's a friend of WWE, so JBL just gives in. Plancha double axe/hybrid takes out Miz on the floor. Mizdow distracts leading to a big boot for an ad break. Goddammit - the anti-smoking ad features a guy yanking a tooth out!

They come back and Ambrose gets a crossbody and some punches, then a suicide dive. Miz gets a flash cradle for 2! Back elbow sets up a tornado DDT for 2. Missile dropkick is caught into a figure four from Miz! Ambrose gets the rope - Miz comes off really good being a semi-serious worker in there with Ambrose. Rebound lariat from Dean. Mr. MITB and Mr. Kane came out. Miz goes for the Finale, but it's countered into Dirty Deeds for the win! Ambrose brawls for a bit with these guys, and takes the case! Stardust can continue to fuck off - thank God Goldust agrees now. Usos aren't getting their belts. Rusev faces Show tonight. IC top contender battle royal is up after a break, with a sweet close-up of the belt used to hype it.

Cesaro gets an intro in the Buncho Geeks Battle Royal, as does Swagger. Woods, Kofi, and Big E's gear looks fantastic. Xavier's got Sting's weird boots tucked into the gear look going on - doesn't work for him either. JBL puts over that Cesaro won the Andre the Giant Memorial battle royal at WM - the absolute peak of his WWE pop-wise. JBL buries the masked bullfighters and Cole says he did that as Vampiro Americano. JBL points out IT WAS PAINT AND IT WAS DIFFERENT, Cole says it's the same. He's factually incorrect. Buncha geeks are gone. Cole points out that Kofi's always a highlight in these matches, while JBL points out that he never wins. Way to put him over. CESARO PRESSES BIG E! TITUS SAVES SLATER! Big E presses Cesaro, but CESARO PRESSES HIM AGAIN AND THROWS HIM OUT!

They came back and JBL buried Tom for being boring. JBL says Tom acts like he's going to a dentist. Love Slater asking Titus why he got eliminated. Then he got eliminated! "I'M A STUNT DOUBLE, AND I'M AWESOME!" And he's ganged up on and eliminated. Kofi beat Bo on ME and eliminated him here with a fulcrum kick. Swagger bomb to Cesaro. Swagger and Kofi go for...something and Kofi just gets all fucked up in the corner. Kofi gets tossed into Swagger on the apron, and they're both out! This was a showcase for Cesaro and Kofi. Cesaro's new kneeling pose is awesome! They added another graphic to the PPV burial deal. Good lord. They really make themselves look bad saying "hey, we're not worth $55 - in fact, IF YOU'RE PAYING MORE THAN $10 FOR OUR PRODUCT, YOU'RE AN IDIOT!" Usos was delightfully wacky with Renee - their title match is next.

Usos are out followed by the champs. Big match intro leads to them talking about one NoC rematch already led to a title change, and it could happen again tonight. Uso double dive sets up a break. Usos apparently ate a beating during the break. Stardust attacked the legal Uso next to the announce table and insults Cole too. Armbar codebreaker from Goldust! JBL's really hurting this by not knowing which Uso is which, or caring. Also, Goldust now apparently debuted at WM against Piper. HEAD AND ARM TIE SUPLEX TO STARDUST FROM JIMMY USO! Goldust's flip to the floor was caught by the Usos and he eats the barricade. Nestea Plunge from Stardust is now called the Falling Star. DOOMSDAY DEVICE WITH A FLIP BUMP TO STARDUST! Superfly dive gets 1, 2...GOLDUST WITH A BELT GETS A DQ! This was really good. Ambrose brawl from earlier is recapped. Kane and Seth argued. Seth wants his case back in the exact...heavily-damaged condition it was taken from him in, or else the cinder blocks will seem like child's play. Okay then.

Edge hyped up Haven. It's so good to see him finding success in another field. Nattie-Summer brawl from Total Divas re-re-re-aired. Summer Lay faces Nattie and Rosa. Cole called Tyson Kidd TJ. Summer and Nattie did stuff for a bit. JBL and Cole buried social medicine. JBL said that if Rosa comes in, the building will explode. Pinpoint basement dropkick from Layla to Nattie, while Summer hit a running...kick of sorts to the face. Nattie tries to slam her way out of a guillotine choke. "THE PLACE JUST ERUPTED!" with a canned pop. Cole dared to call her Latina Heat. Layla won with a dreadful schoolgirl with Rosa's shoulder up half the time. Thank God it's over - this was really bad. Henry recap from ME aired. Show talks about he and Henry having a strong bond - not sure how or why though. Show swore to knock Rusev's ass out. Reigns recap is coming after the break.

Same thing as always there. Cesaro-Dolph's up with Cesaro out first. Cole talks about how if Cesaro wins, there will have been three IC Champions since Sunday. JBL puts over the parity of this and how much it proves titles are important. Heartstopper elbows get 1. Cesaro takes him out on the floor. Cesaro lift from the floor to the ring. Big double stomp gets 1. Inverted camel clutch/armbar is locked on by Cesaro - that's unique. Cesaro gets an abdominal stretch and USES THE ROPES. Announcers don't care about that at all. Cole dreams about Cesaro-Finlay. Oh my that would've ruled. Elbow off the second rope from Cesaro! Fameasser is turned into a powerbomb setup, then a sunset flip, which gets the win, but Cesaro's got the rope clearly. Cole buries the ref for that. They went from the finish, to two replays, to Cesaro being upset, to the ref arguing with him, to Cole and JBL talking about it more within the span of about a minute. This was a good finish to keep things going, but they rushed the follow-up horribly. Lana insulted Renee for not knowing Russian, so she translated to the weak English language. Rusev-Show main event is next.

Florida Georgia Line plug. Rusev's out followed by Show. SHOW GETS A SUNSET FLIP FOR 2! Show chops him in the corner and shocks his system something fierce. Rusev clips the knee for the running bus spot. Rusev elbows the knee from behind and in front. Show gets 2 off a sideslam. Calf kick from Rusev gets 2. Chokeslam to Rusev! Lana is brought in, and Rusev attacks Show with the flag, so he loses via DQ. He's now UNPINNED AND UNTAPPED OUT! Show catches the foot and EATS THE KO PUNCH! This was a solid buildup for Rusev-Show in a bigger match, and was one of Rusev's better matches so far.

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