Thursday, September 11, 2014

NXT 9-11-14 - Takeover: Fatal 4 Way

The pre-show peaked with KENT-ER from Jason, and MS Paint art for a bald LeFort. Neville looks weird in knock-off Converse with his legs awkwardly placed on the stool. Why aren't they just in chairs? They seem to be teasing a face turn for Breeze here. Neville's ears look gigantic and he has the face of a troll here. Love Kidd leaving because "I have to go check on my cats." He's a man after my own heart, and THE RED ARROW TRENDED ON TWITTER. Loved loved loved loved the Tyler Breeze cosplayer, and Renee fucking up the name of the show. I loved them changing up the then, now, forever bit with an NWO-style cutin. Tag title match starts the show, with Kalisto doing a fancier version of the original Sin Cara entrance. Their matching dark blue and gold with red trim gear is amazing. I am definitely making it in FPR.

Ascension beats up the faces and the crowd does the YA bit along with them. Renee said they've never faced a team like Sin Cara and Kalisto - because it's not like SIN CARA TEAMED WITH SOMEONE TO FACE THEM BEFORE OR ANYTHING. Rest holds. Double arm surfboard. Yargh. I like how easy the Ascension's gear would seem to be to make in FPR. Kalisto got a hot tag and MOVED MOVED MOVED. He did a second rope springboard spinny-doo mid-ring, then kicked the guy in the corner with a sliding spin kick, and a basic one. A running Yoshi Tonic got botched, but still got 2. I love the addition of a CMLL-style screen on the ring skirt. SALIDA DEL SOL WINS! So glad to see Hunico finally get a title! Sin Cara is just perfect in this role in developmental. Kalisto named their team the Lucha Dragons and his goofy Mexican hat dance-ish theme played.

CJ Parker's out, hopefully to get killed by KENTA. Nope, he's facing Baron Corbin. And by facing, I mean getting killed by with one move - a uranage into a flatliner that sounded dreadful. LOVED IT. A 4-way recap aired with Kidd's sit-down interview, and the stream got all wonky. Things came back with a replay of the goofy hair creme skit. LeFort's out first, followed by Enzo. WHY DID THIS MORON GET MOST OF HIS HEAD SHAVED INTO A WEIRD DESIGN BEFORE A HAIR VS. HAIR MATCH!? Enzo calling him LeFart, complete with a sound effect makes me hate him more. Enzo went on and on and on and on about wacky haircuts to give LeFort. The crowd alternating between certafied G and bonafide stud amuses me. Enzo's hair is in a leopard print - okay, that's at least wacky. Enzo hiptosses him in the hard way. THE PASSION! THE DRAMA! THE FLIPS!  Great Twitter crawl. Schoolboy wins for Enzo. LeFort left and they dunked Marcus's head in the no one got a haircut IN A DEVELOPMENTAL HAIR VS. HAIR MATCH. The faces did the GET THE TABLES bit with the bucket, which amused me for a second.

Regal's out to bring KENTA out. He's got a PRIDE-style start to his theme, and a fantastic tron. He's getting a new name - Hideo Itami. The Ascension came out and got LAID OUT BY KENTA! Bull just squashed Mojo with a diving headbutt. Wow. Joyzey boys found the Frenchies and kidnapped Marcus and showed off his messed up hair. They hyped up a Buzzfeed article on NXT, and Renee once again used the KENTA name. I love this Leave it to Beaver music for Bayley's hype video. Bayley cried during the video package because she's so proud to make it to this level. This video makes me think that Bayley's winning, despite Charlotte just winning it a few months ago. HUG LIFE! What a great sign. Bayley's got a new super-happy theme and SHE'S WEARING STREAMERS! Hideo Itami is apparently trending. Bayley got some nice basement shots, including a kick and spinning back elbow. Charlotte did a ton of moves off the figure 4 headlock. They did another Twitter crawl with #KENTA on it. Bayley got a fulcrum kick caught and turned into a draping kneedrop from Charlotte. SUPER RANA FROM BAYLEY! Charlotte snaps her neck on the ropes, kills her with a moonsault for 2, and hits the facebuster for 2. Sasha comes out to attack, but Charlotte stops it, and holds the title up in front of Sasha on the ramp - so I guess Banks wins before Charlotte goes to the main roster.

An awesome hype vid aired for Zayn. YAY KENTA DEBUT NEXT WEEK! Tyler's out in sweet black and blue gear. SKANIC THE HEDGEHOG! Tyson's got his Raw gear on, BUT WITH A WHITE AND GOLD HOODIE AND GIANT WHITE EAR CANS! YES! Neville's got pink and black on. Loved Sami getting the edge and taking Tyler's phone and doing a bit thumbs-up selfie! Heels double suplex Neville on the stage, while Sami eats one on the steel ramp.Nice kick from Kidd to Zayn's head gets 2. Suzuki-style palm thrust slaps in the corner from Kidd to Zayn. Kidd takes a backdrop right on his ass ala Velvet. Sami went for a flip dive to the heels, but Neville did a moonsault off the top to the floor before he could - nice! Neville speed-kicked the hell out of Sami. Reverse rana...ish thing got botched, so Sami just covered for 2. Swinging fisherman's suplex gets 2 for Kidd. Sani goes for the Helluva kick, but Tyler gets the Beauty Shot on him, the supermodel kick on Kidd, and a dropkick to a flying Neville for ! AWESOME! Tyler got a chance to shine and used it nicely - that ruled! A CM Punk chant broke out, THEN THE FANS BOOED and a 9.99 chant got going for a bit. Heels teased a double superplex playing off the double suplexes (thus ACTUALLY MAKING IT A LOGICAL SPOT), but it led to a tower of doom!

Neville gets a perfect SSP on Zayn, and Tyler covers for 2.9! Kidd counters the Beauty Shot into a sharpshooter! NEVILLE CATCHES THE HAND BEFORE HE CAN TAP! SAMI KICKS NEVILLE INTO THE CROWD! Flying ringpost DDT ON THE FLOOR! KIDD GETS HIT WITH THE KICK, BUT NEVILLE PULLS THE REF OUT! This is a fantastic match right here. Neville superkicks Zayn on the floor and hits the Red Arrow on Kidd for the win. Neville basically just turned heel here, while Sami became a bigger face, and Tyler was a character face at times. Sami looked on just crushed by all of this.

Fallout begins with a tag title slideshow. IT'S BAYLEY'S out to talk about losing, and how she disappointed a lot of people - and she wants to win in front of Full Sail University. Bayley talked about her mom being here, and a little girl named Izzy who cried - and she'll fight for her when she beats Sasha and Charlotte! Charlotte and her giant nose came out and said she's proud of Bayley. Sasha talked smack and Charlotte backed Bayley up...kinda. This...was certainly a thing that tried to tell some sort of character-building story and just didn't work. Hair match recap. Joysey boyz came out to be douchey. LeFort challenged the faces to a tag match. I kind of like this being a way to build up next week's NXT show, and the future of the show. I love Tyson being a total douche here saying tons of facts that actually make sense for his character. This FACT gimmick rules. OH MY GOD, IT'S MICHAEL CLONE! And he's with the Lucha Dragons. Ascension demanded a rematch and talked about Hideo. Neville's out and accepted the title of best NXT Champion ever, and unlike what a fan said, HE'S NOT A CHEATAH! Titus tweeted about the NXT match on Raw, and Neville challenged him. They really could've explained Neville's character better here, but this was a reasonably easy post-show to get through.

Screens -


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