Tuesday, September 16, 2014

WWE Main Event 9-15-14

After a day with the Forza Horizon 2 demo, it should be fun to watch Main Event. OH MY GOD IT'S DOLPH AND R-ZIGGLER AGAIN! Cole calls this a rematch from Raw. Yup. And SD - and it wasn't amazing at any point. Dolph won last night, so I guess either he or Truth lose tonight to go with the 50/50 booking since the SD match apparently doesn't count. Mizdow appears to be rather hefty and pasty compared to Miz. Moves. Nothing really interesting going on here. Mizdow gets the edge off a missed Stinger splash and clubs away for a break. Truth gets the lead and does stuff after the break. Big DDT from Truth hits, but only gets 2 on Miz. Truth and Mizdow fuck up a Zig Zag to an amazing degree, and Miz hits the finale for the win. This was a bunch of nothing. Seth faces Big E to prove he can beat Roman, and now Seth's talking with Renee. Seth's MITB case has been updated with the new logo, but it's still all dented up. She called the loss a setback, and he went on and on about how it wasn't. Okay then.

Total Divas clip looks awful - thank God the PPV will be airing during it. They once again had the SD HAS BEEN THE NUMBER 1 SHOW ON FRIDAYS ALL SUMMER! Brieeeeee Moooddeeee. No. To set up this match, we get a promo from...Nikki talking to Renee. Nikki and her wacky spiky hat said it all ended on Sunday, when she wins the title. Everyone will then be kissing her "voluptuous derriere". Okie dokie. Cameron needs to clean her little mirror - it's covered in fingerprints. They did crap for a while until Brie got a half-crab. Cameron slapped the mat a ton to get to the ropes, and then no-sold the move. Split legdrop gets 1 before Cameron locks on the wacky surfboard. BRIE MODE missile dropkick gets 2. Brie gets an X Factor for 3, leading to her stupid theme playing. I demand a losing streak so her theme can only be heard once a show. Brock-Cena recap next.

This was edited to make Cena look like even more of a jerk and just showed him bully Paul. Brock's bumps to the floor are incredibly smooth, and it's remarkable that he's still so athletic despite being 37 and having some major injuries - I guess his joints are holding up nicely though. Brock interview LIVE ON THEWWE.COM, why not the Network? Byron implied it would be full of swears. Big E's out with no entourage. The Sting DVD ad is fantastic - shame that they didn't even use his body at any point for the ad. It's just bizarre for a body double to be featured on the DVD cover - it's not like they wouldn't own some great Crow Sting photos. Seth and CAW Theme 5 came out. Seth and Big E exchange stuff and Seth gets the edge with a suicide dive. They come back and Big E got the big spear to the floor, a side belly to belly then a big overhead one, but he misses a shoulder charge and nails a curb stomp. What a nothing show. This didn't even have anything worth skimming a torrent for.

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