Thursday, September 18, 2014

NXT 9-18-14

Takeover: Fatal 4 Way recap was pretty good - KENTA's debut was showcased perfectly. Titus came out and said it's a real honor for...everyone to be in his presence. NXT will now be N-X-T-I-T-U-S! SAY IT WIT ME NOW! Zayn mocks him for being beaten up by a bunny. Neville's out. I would absolutely buy Neville's shirt if it was in yellow. Neville tells him that HE will defend NXT. This is very Steamboat-Flair in '94 where each guy is acting in a believable manner. After MORE TALKING, Regal came out to say that this is a fighting show and made a holla holla tag between the pseudo-faces and the definite heels. This ate up about 10 minutes of time on a 45 minute-long show. MICHAEL CLONE HAS A NAME - Rich Brennan! Itami's debut is recapped, and he faces Gabriel later.

Ad break focuses on NoC. Charlotte's out to face Emma, who barely gets a pop, but still has some fans in the crowd. Real shame that her WWE main roster run hurt her so badly. Riley CONSTANTLY calls Charlotte a veteran. Emma got some running...something or other strikes that look terrible. Emma Sandwich. Emma gets 2 off a crossbody off the top, but eats a neckbreaker and the Natural Selection to lose. Total Divas ad.

Renee is so hyped when Gabriel comes out - she calls him a bad-ass man. Crowd's chanting HIDEO and they've already got his theme on iTunes. Renee put over Itami being trained by Kobashi. Big kick to Itami's jaw. Gabriel kicks Itami in the back to show that he can kick too. Gabriel's gear is so good - some of the best in the company. Butterfly suplex works for Gabriel, but a second is countered by KICKS and a roaring elbow. Yakuza kick! APRON HIGH KICK! SPRINGBOARD KNEE! Hesitation dropkick to a seated Gabriel in the corner. Warrior's Way wins! Ascension comes in to beat him down, and does so with a reverse powerbomb and the Fall of Man. Hornswoggle movie ad.

CJ Parker's out. I wonder how much electricity his LED signs on the tron take up. Corbin's out to kill him again. I like his motorcycle tron - reminds me of Road Rash. End of Days Uranage/Flatliner wins Enzo Takeover thing gets recapped. Carmella comes in with Enzo and Cass training since she lost her job due to them. She beats up Enzo. Lucha Dragons face the Ascension next week.  Kidd's out and is so perfect as the smug heel. Everyone else is out now, and Neville and Kidd start off with some fast offense. Zayn gets 2 off a standing moonsault. Crowd's chanting "Better Than Neville!" STANDING CORKSCREW SSP gets 2 from Neville. Renee talked about a Buzzfeed article on NXT. Zayn dives to steal some of Neville's thunder. A really goofy Sheamus ad for Be a Star airs. Titus tosses Zayn around and locks on an abdominal stretch. Kidd comes in and attacks with a tree of woe choke. Kidd misses a slingshot legdrop to the apron - OUCH! Sami's such a great face in peril here with Titus. Kidd comes back in and gets a snapmare and big kick to the back. Titus is back in to hit a legdrop to the neck. Neville gets a tag and flies in with kicks aplenty. Titus shoves Neville off the top into Kidd's knees for the win. Well, I like the idea of Kidd beating Neville, but he only took one sorta-move! Fine show, but not amazing.


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